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Terre et Peuple Magazine n°57 - Automne 2013

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Editorial (English version) TP Mag n°57

The revolution of the XXI century will be identity


We are rapidly moving forward to the moment of truth: the wear and tear of the system in place is such that cracks are multiplying, from top to bottom of the structure. Saying this is not the benefits of our dreams or a taste for a ‘cheaper’ apocalypse, but the simple fact of reality, both nationally and internationally.


In France, the disapproval of the power ‘hollandesque’ is now established in a large majority of people: figures from the ‘IFOP’ in July indicated that only 30% of French people has given him their trusts (34% believe that he is close to their concerns, 30% are convinced of his sincerity). In other hands, the opinion scale of CLAI-Metro-news-Way LCI gives only 23% of popularity (Please note that 49% of ‘people from the left" are dissatisfied with the person they elected). Holland sells wind and even the media adviser of the Socialist Party, Claude Posternak, considered absurd "to set an almost impossible objective, such as to reverse the unemployment curve." Then, 84% of French people are heartily sick with fiscal, although they are not at the end of their surprises on this. Could the cows become enraged? This is just a rehash. In any case, the economic and social jolt that are coming (see articles written by Roberto Fiorini) will significantly contribute to raise tension.


At the international level, the servile alignment on Washington confirms, if necessary, that French politicians are the dogsbodies of the Yankees. With inconsistencies that would be funny, if they were not dramatic. Thus, while ‘Valls-la-Menace’ announced triumphantly he arrested a few bearded, which were eager to join the jihad in Syria, the desire to beat this country can only encourage the rise of the power, over there, of these same jihad. But regardless, in fact, ‘Hollande-Le-Fantoche’, staying where he is now, is by those who hold real power and want, by all means, control the entire planet.


This insane project seems on a good track. However, it was without taking into account on the resistance of people who refuse slavery. Everywhere, on all continents, a multifaceted opposition is organizing. This is the survival reaction that describes this Swiss champion of putting down roots that was Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz: "The country, as it needs to be, as it wants to be, as it should be, the country is finally expressing itself, the whole country wants to live, comes to life, rises "(signs of among us).


A country that is rising ... Against the worst threats, i.e. immigration-invasion, the identity crisis will come out as elimination, willingly or unwillingly, of invaders. If current governments of European countries have the courage to consult their people by referendum on the immigration, the answer would be clear. By refusing to listen to the voice of the people, politicians of this system are moving toward a giant explosion, which will happen sooner or later. And which will, among other merits, sweep the way. Right and left confused. These artificial labels will mean nothing more when the only law that is worth will enter into force, the law of blood.


Today, the identity revolutionaries, rebellious, have a breviary. It is a ‘Samouraï d’Occident” of Dominique Venner. They must have in their soul their injunction: "Your priority should be to improve in each of you, every day, as an inaugural invocation, an indestructible faith to carry on European tradition." This flame that guides us will light bonfires of renewal at the top of our mountains.


Pierre Vial

(translated by Rory)


Sommaire - TP Mag n°57

N°57, Equinoxe d’Automne 2013, L’ennemi yankee.


p.3, Pierre VIAL, La révolution du XXIe siècle sera identitaire.

p.4, Yes Weiss Can, Délires.

p.4, Les rabins américains et la guerre en Syrie.

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p.5, Falashas, Racisme israélien.

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p.6, Catalunya, Identité catalane.

p.7, SYLVIE, Les Fourneaux d’Epona, le billet d’Epona (Gratin auvergnat).

pp.8-9, Roberto FIORINI, Cet accord qui attaque et fragilise le CDI.

p.10, Pierre VIAL, L’ennemi yankee (dossier).

pp.11 à 13, Jean-Paul LORRAIN, L’interventionnisme yankee : agressions, tentatives d’assassinats et assassinats de par le monde.

p.14, Pierre VIAL, Le massacre des Indiens.

pp.15 à 20, Pierre VIAL, Le dossier Snowden.

pp.21 à 23, Jean-Patrick ARTEAULT, Notre ennemi intérieur.

pp.24 à 29, Alain CAGNAT, The Unscrupulous States of America.

pp.30-31, Alain CAGNAT, Big Brother existe, c’est un Yankee!

pp.32 à 35, Roberto FIORINI, Le marché transatlantique qui va soumettre l’Union européenne aux USA.

pp.36 à 39, Robert DRAGAN, America’s Secret Establishment, la formation de l’oligarchie US.

pp.40 à 43, Robert DRAGAN, AIPAC : le lobby le plus puissant des Etats-Unis.

pp.44 à 47, Edwige THIBAUT, Jean HAUDRY, Amerkanismus, Eine Weltgefahr.

pp.48-49, Pierre VIAL, Les fous furieux du Biblisme.

p.50, Pierre VIAL, Honneur et Gloire au Vieux Sud.

pp.51-52, Michel ALAIN, Vers une prise de contrôle des USA sur notre alimentation.

pp.53 à 55, Louis NEFER, Origine(s) du monothéisme.

p.55, Jean HAUDRY, Engagements, Nuance.

p.56, Sous le couvercle de la marmite (Claude Perrin).

p.56, Les Slaves et le Paganisme (Wieslaw Jagodzik).

p.56, Musique enracinée (Boisson Divine).

p.57, Imperator, L’épopée de Julien l’Apostat (Jean Robin).

p.57, Paganisme et Empire romain (Benjamin Gras, la destruction du paganisme dans l’Empire romain).

p.57, La religion des Spartiates (Nicolas Richer).

p.58, Mon père, Jean Mamy (Frédéric-Georges Roux).

p.58, Le doigt dans l’engrenage (Pierre Mariel).

p.58, Le procès de Nuremberg (G.A. Amaudruz).

p.59, Message d’Epona pour le Solstice d’été 2013.

p.59, Nos traditions (cahier photos : Solstices, Journées du Soleil).

p.60, XVIIIe Table Ronde, Sommes-nous en 1788 ?


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