“The door is inside’

This inscription, which may seem a little enigmatic, was engraved at the entrance of the church of Sainte-Onenne (nicknamed "the Grail Church") in Tréhorenteuc, in Morbihan, on the edge of the forest of Paimpont-Brocéliande, by Father Gilard. Father-Gillard, who arrived in 1942, play his part in trying to restore the structure in bad shape. But in his own way, very specific. That is, the man did not slip into the usual ecclesiastical mould. With the help of two German prisoners at the end of the war, a cabinetmaker and a painter, who had been entrusted to him, he conveyed into the arrangement and decor of his church a very personal religious vision, based on pagan-Christian syncretism. The Round Table, The Val-sans-Retour, the Barenton fountain, the white deer with the gold necklace, all the Arthurian imagery is there, with some references to companionship. All organized around the central symbol, the Grail, whose meaning falls into the imaginary’s Celtic and, more broadly, Indo-European. The Grail glass is, in fact, the magic cauldron containing the drink of immortality. And this drink is the blood. The Quest for the Grail is the transmission of the cult of the blood and the attempt of Christian recovery by the Cistercian Robert de Boron, in the Middle-Ages, which cannot, despite all his efforts, conceal the truth.
Saying to bystander, “The door is inside”, Gillard has fulfilled an awakening role. It is a question of inviting everyone to an advantageous introspection. It is by descending into ourselves that we can find the education we need, today more than ever.
We try, by the battle we are conducting, to serve this conception of the world, of man, of life, of the History which is ours. And this fight, of course, has political and social aspects. However, the essential is not there. The essential is a doctrine that fall deeply into the roots of our identity. The doctrine of the blood. A doctrine that nourishes in us the conviction that the most important combat, fundamental combat, is a spiritual battle. Our enemies or friends, who did not understand this, did not understand who we are, what we really are and what we maintain with the serenity that brings Fidelity. In fact, when all betray us, we will remain faithful.
The obstacles, the difficulties, the wounds we encounter on our path can do nothing against the faith we carry in us. Especially, as those who have for so long paved the way on our side. Let us listen the voice of Dominique Venner: "Our world will not be saved by blind scientists or jaded scholars, but by poets and fighters, by those who have forged the "magic sword" spoken by Ernst Jünger, the spiritual sword that makes monsters and tyrants turn pale. Our world will be saved by watchmen placed on the borders of kingdom and time. »

To you, the Watchmen, Guardians of the Sacred Fire and the Blood Cup, Salvation and Fraternity.

Pierre VIAL

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