Call to the people


The traditional opposition between real country and legal country is more valid than ever. It is a good compass to guide all genuine revolutionary action.

The politician, whether left or right-wing, is discredited and even have gone down in value (the polls are revealing ... but also the number of abstentions in the elections). Many eyes open; and discover that there comes a time when incapacity, irresponsibility is an outright betrayal of the most elementary interests of the people. Thus, words are flying; we hear words today that were unthinkable a short time ago, including those officially considered taboo. The Master of the System are anxious about this upcoming reality because they realize that something is about to slip away from them, while they thought they had control, control everything, by whatever means possible including an intensification of policing.

The evolution of the ‘Farm World’ is significant. It has long been channeled, castrated by pseudo-syndicalist (often from the pathetic ‘Jeunesse Agricole Catholique’ (Youth Agricultural Catholic), converted to ‘Mouvement rural de jeunesse chrétienne, breeding ground of quisling of the system), which have long claimed to have, thanks to the FNSEA, the monopoly of the representation of the rural world. By playing a double game (see page 4; “The rural world betrayed”). Today, they feel that things were not progressing as they had hoped. The welcome reserved to Hollande-Valls to the recent Agricultural Fair has shown that many farmers are no longer fooled. And, if the ENA graduates of ministerial offices had, for at least one day, set foot in the glebe, they might have found that farmers, who have inherited a long patience from their ancestors, can end up getting upset. And then ... rabid sheep are no longer controllable. In fact, when a man has to choose between bankruptcy and hanging, he may need to consider another way, a third way: the rebellion which makes him free.

However, let’s open the horizon. The reform project regarding the labour code (which is in fact a frontal attack against the protection of worker’s rights, to fill the wishes of the MEDEF) manages to mobilize a large part of the productive forces of the country. An element is important in the evolution of the situation: the unions, aware of the frustration of workers (unionized or not) should somehow follow those annoyances in order to not being overwhelmed and even disowned.

This significantly expands the range of possibilities. It is clear that no valid questioning of the system can result if the world of work is not involved in the large cleaning that is necessary, at all levels, in all areas.

Hollande, who wish to be a new Mitterrand (but he does not have the ‘big name’) imagines that the subtle combinations of a ‘Florentin’ can be copied, republished. It builds on tortuous electoral calculations, giving a bad image of the FN, to get them out of a sticky situation through a tightrope walker. But we know, in the event of a major crisis, ballots are not, cannot be a panacea.

It is the system itself that must be throwing down. And those who think they can settle in their life while claiming they want change delude themselves - or lie outrageously. The history provides useful lessons. In 1940, when everyone was talking about "national revolution" at every turn in Vichy, those who were delighting in it, were in fact, working for future Anglo-Saxon victory - that is to say, for what we consider as the absolute enemy.

If new times could appear, it will be thanks to the emergence of forces coming from the bottom of our people, comprising men and women mobilizing themselves not to serve politicians labels but only to impose the terms of their survival, in organizing basic autonomous groups, able to cope with all the necessities. From the left-wing, the right-wing? These labels mean nothing. A growing number of brave people are aware of it. And it starts to crack the ‘Ripoublique’ palace.


Pierre VIAL

Translated by Rory

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