Angels will go to Hell !


Is France on the verge of Civil War? With all the weight of his science (he wish to pass himself off as a far right-wing specialist), Jean-Yves Camus assure that this is not the case. He agrees with those who are mocking the fantasy of those unfortunate dimwit who would play to be scared by waving imaginary threats.

And yet…the intrepid Gallic, who tries to understand what is happening in a country whom we don’t know if we still call it France, opens his eyes to face images of civil war that the television is sending to him. Syria? Iraq? No, Seine-Saint-Denis. André Gerin, MP and Mayor of the Communist Party of Venissieux, is well placed to say what it is and supporter of straight talking, coward: “All the ingredients of a civil war are gathered”. Civil war? We must dare to specify. This is what Jean-Pierre Le Goff, sociologist, is doing by mentioning these: “form of latent civil war, taking an ethnic turn”. It is the last word that is decisive: ethnic.

The scenario is now classic: taking advantage of a blunder (or supposedly called…), the “young” of “neighborhoods” engage in their favorite occupation: stealing, breaking, burning. In the name, of course, of “justice”. In the blink of an eye, “brothers” and “sisters” (often the most excited) mobilize. Faithful to its reputation, Seine-Saint-Denis’ neighborhood sets the tone. Clichy-sous-Bois, Montfermeil, Tremblay-en-France (which now bears very badly its name…) are burning. And, like wildfire, some “Robin Hood character” also appears, among others, in Rouen, Rennes, Lille and Toulouse. “All the actions are good to increase the mobilization” confesses naively a certain Alexander in front of reporters, 23 years old and activist of ‘Solidarités Etudiant-e-s Paris III’, one of those leftist small group that bloom on the manure of a French society in an advanced state of decomposition.

In the meantime, the Power (or what remains of it) prostrate itself in front of rioters and their accomplices; while Cazeneuve receives, with all the honors due to them, ‘Sos-Racisme’ and the ‘Lycra’ to respectfully register their lamentations. Hollande, who had no time to be concerned about the police officers who nearly burned alive in their cars set on fire by kind “young people”, is showing his compassion to the new hero of bobos, Mr. Théo. The one who receive support from footballer Moussa Sissoko, the actor Omar Sy, and the former tennis man Noah. Normal: between race brothers, they are connected and it is ok like that – except that the Gallic should learn this lesson…

An ex-Raid, who knows exactly what he say, announced in the newspaper ‘Present’ of February 15: “Riots of these last days, sound like a repeat of even more serious riots”.

Given this reality, brave people, brainwashed by the media and those who control them, prefer to put their head in the sand, in brave ostriches that they became. Should we condemn them or pity them? François Bousquet is lucid, seeing the “Europeans refugees in a deadly naively optimistic state”, prisoners they are of the “executioner logic which is in control of our world” (‘La droite buissonnière’, Editions of the Rock, 2016). The way the question regarding the ‘migrants’ (or the invaders) is handled is paradigmatic. They are, of course, victims and if they indulge in some slippage –assaults, thefts and rapes – they are the peccadilloes we need to treat with indulgence.

If today, people believe they can take refuge in a blissfully happy angels, based on the denial of the reality, they should think about what Jünger wrote in his ‘Traité du rebelle’ or ‘le recours aux forêts’: “Long periods of peace support some optical illusions. One of them is the belief that the inviolability of our home is based on the Constitution and is guaranteed by it. In fact, it is based on the father who stands on his doorstep, surrounded by his sons, the axe on the hand”. Without this message, angels will go to hell.


Pierre Vial

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