The real issues

Recent events have highlighted the phenomena we have long emphasized, as for us; the ambiguity which may still mislead many good people from our group. Hence, it is needed to recall some evidence.

I refer to the so-called "populism" (which Pierre-André Taguieff, who made this his business - because the subterfuge New Right is seriously starting to be consumed - calls "the national-populist wave" in his latest book, The Revenge of nationalism. Neo-populist and xenophobic eager to conquer Europe, PUF, 2015). In every part of the world, the rising of displeasure, changing in exasperation and caused by an "austerity" (euphemism) that is hitting the weakest, is pushing to the leading edge women and men whose success lies in the fact that they are supposed to be the force - the only force – which are susceptible to shake before overturning the government in power. But what is it really? If you look closely at the statements of the intentions of those "protesters", we find that they carefully avoid mentioning some issues. The awkward questions.

Taking into account the case of the "outraged" that, in Spain, are now holding the city halls of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Then, we should compare the actions, in Greece, of the left radical Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Both of them allow the middle class capitalist to play at frightening themselves, by waving the “Big Night” spectre. Nevertheless, in Spain or in Greece, the word revolution is not mentioned. Some of the actions, laudable, are intended to lighten the misery of the poor. However; the real power holders - that is to say, the people who control the economy and are holding the financial weapon - are not really threatened (and they know it perfectly). And, above all, the real big question that determines the future of all the European people - the invasion of non-immigrant Europeans - is not considered a priority. Worse: it is approved by left-wing people who, as the right-wing party they intend to replace, consider this a positive phenomenon and it's certainly not something we should fight. It would, wouldn’t it, be against the "human rights” religion. But what about the rights of peoples? It is indisputable to be fascist, as beautiful souls say, to ask such a question.

What happen in France? Well the sucker game is probably even more obvious than elsewhere. Jean-Marie Le Pen has been removed for saying the truths again (which had satisfy his electorate in the past), the new ‘National Front’ believes it is possible to electorally surf on the preppy image the party claims to give in order to be accepted by the System. The price to pay is well known by Marine and her shady entourage: it is necessary to clear out everything from the image that was the basis of the success of the FN, namely the fight against immigration. In this regard, the essential has already been done, although the naive National Front supporters are still not aware of this. The "great replacement" (that is to say, the occupation of our land by the invaders)? It is, says Marine, a figment of the imagination, a fantasy defended by some fanatics that should probably need psychiatric treatment. What does it say about the fact that many immigrants have now a French identity card? What more natural, because "immigrants are as much French as the others"? What is the right solution? It is the integration, assimilation (which those concerned do not want ... for what they are right, because it offers them to give up their identity). Islam and jihadism? No confusion: Jihadism, minor phenomenon, will be digested by the Republic and mosques will be considered as havens of peace, love and tolerance.

So? So we say to all these good people who want to remain the chief in their homes that a ballot can be a way to say it but it will not be enough to fix the problem when the reality will appear in their face, namely that immigration is in fact a war of conquest. Aymeric Chauprade has been slapped on the wrist for saying that we live in a clash of civilizations. Yet those who want to open their eyes and are in the field know that it's true.

This shock will take proportions that most people want to ignore, playing the ostrich policy (when Raspail published Camp of the Saints, he was treated badly ... and yet ...). History offers, on certain dates, two possible ways: suffer or resist. Each one of you will have to make a choice. For him, and for her. But also for your children and your children's children. Is it necessary to repeat once again that we made ours a long time ago?

Pierre Vial

(translated by Rory)

PS: It seems that we must trust the justice of our country. Maybe…but then, it is better to be called Strauss-Khan than Dupont.

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