"Charlie-Charlot" falls overboard

Splash! The so-called touching on unanimity of all parts around "Charlie-Charlot" is just a memory. To the great displeasure of the people of the System, these smarty-pants who hoped that, by doing tear-jerker, will make people forget about their many and varied turpitude. Moaning about "Charlie-Charlot" and its rich anarchists of penny dreadful, no one is talking about unemployment, insecurity, financial scandals, non-natives landing from boats, wrongdoing of this clique of Taubira and others at the service of the one-track thinking dictatorship.

The reality reasserts itself and tarnishes the clowns established in the richness of the Republic. We must put the sign “For Sale” in the face of this Gueuze. That is, the outrageous Valls, which went to Marseilles to do his usual charm of Rodomonte, like "hold me back or I am a huge hit", as he took the gust of gossips of Kalashnikov right in his face; gossips that good young men of the very laughing district of La Castellane exchanged between them before turning them to the cops. The same cops that received the instructions they cannot communicate with the media about the realities of their daily life. And, of course, they must keep silent on the ethnic origin of those who spoil their life, between two murders that are clearing "commercial" rivalries, because the occupation of drug, weapons and women dealers is at risks, especially when the game is a territory that some people are now considering as their own (so that police, fire-fighters, doctors do not take the risk to visit anymore). However, other guzzlers are eager to obtain the space, because it is the guarantee of an easy life, symbolized by big and beautiful cars.

But Valls, convinced that his cunning trick enables him to put the enamoured bobos in his pocket by his whip man style, can fall on a bone when his "comrades" of the Socialist Party begin to find that it's good like that. Thus, it is the socialist senator from Marseille, Samia Ghali, of North African origin as suggested by its name, who gives the word to the press after being harassed by crying for help from several people from Marseilles (and even more women from Marseilles) that can’t take any more: "People living in these cities like in an open-pit prison, guarded by dealers, procurers and gangsters." It is the PS Deputy of Herault, who in Lunel, the jihadist’s city-tank, states (January 29th): "I'm going to disappoint my friends from the PS, but I do not believe in the living together anymore".

"Living together", this custard pie repeated as a miracle cure by both the left and the right, both practicing the method of Dr. Coué, is now thrown overboard by those Jews. This same Jews who, listening to the Zionists sirens, have decided to leave France and settle in Israel. Valls is now in an awkward position if we believe Roland Dumas, because he is "under Jewish influence" (in June 17th, 201, Valls said in a Jewish community centre in Strasbourg: "For my wife, I am eternally bound to the Jewish community and Israel "). This statement of Dumas can strongly perturb people: former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mitterrand from 1983 to 1993, he chaired the Constitutional Council from 1995 to 2000. He has been at the heart of many secrets state, as we could learn through his latest exciting book, Politically Incorrect (‘Cherche Midi’). In this book, he explains from the first page: "French society, as a whole, is now stricken with a strange evil, so-called ‘politically correct’, which soon leads to contaminate political class and media. Constantly minimized and meaningless, aches contributed to make political women and men barely audible and suspects. Not wanting to offend the citizen, they end up not talking to anyone. "

The strategists of the Elysée and Matignon (which provide, of course, that Dumas is senile ...) thought they rectify the situation and move back up the popularity of the penguin and his henchman (that is their obsession) by exploiting the very warm corpses of Charlie Hebdo and kosher store. This seemed to work. We did not need to be a great prophet to predict that the soufflé fall back quickly. Despite the intense mobilization of all conceivable circuits, the Gallics quickly understood that they were mistaken for marbles. If people, still temporarily in power had a grain of intelligence, they should understand that by playing with fire we burn.

Pierre Vial

(translated by Rory)

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