New deal: The France moves, the awakening of European


Once past the wave of jubilation that has lulled us on the evening of May 25, we must coldly analyse, without preconceived ideas, the new situation created by the results of the European elections, both in France and elsewhere in Europe.


Under duress ‘Le Monde’ (May 27th) must recognized: “a chapter of French politics is definitely closing”. Disappointment among people from the System, politician from left and right together – we have always returned them back-to-back. This is an “earthquake” laments Walls gloomily in "funeral suit and tie," wrote Le Monde - while Hollande has been conspicuously absent, as Sarkozy, too busy to attend the performance of his favourite singer (?) Carla Bruni.


The election on May 25 confirms the rise of the FN, already evident during the municipal election of March. Despite a low turnout, which shows high motivation among voters of the FN, it quadruple its score compared to the European election of March. Among these, we must emphasize the weight of workers (42% of them voted FN), employees (38%), unemployed (37%) - while in these three categories, the PS only collected 8% (!), 16% and 14% of the vote. The PS has no popular front anymore. It is also important to note that 30% of young people, under the age of 35, voted FN (15% PS). Moreover, unions are very concerned of loosing control of their popular front, as an IPSOS survey indicates that FO voted 33% for the FN, the CFTC to 29%, the CGT to 22 %, the CFDT to 17%, and even the Solidarity group, which is close to the Left Front, voted at 27% (big surprise...).


Even in region so far reluctant to the FN (Southwest, West, Ile-de-France) "Dykes jumped (,,,) Such an enlargement of the geographical base of the party is an acquired size ". The key point in these results is what people from the System are calling with horror and contempt the "national-populism." In fact, they admit that there is an ideological victory of "identity delirium", as called by the anthropologist Jean-Loup Amselle, author of book: ‘L’ethnicisation de la France’ (2011). Another egghead traitor, geographer Christophe Guilluy says bitterly: "The identity issues matter a lot in the popular media." The reason is simple: when you are in direct contact with the invaders, survival requires an awareness of identity and requires solidarity between Whites people.


The phenomenon exceed, and a lot, the electoral appearance. In Fact, it’s a moving background, the rejection of the System in place, which is failing. Jean-Louis Mélenchon, more lucid than others, mentions the "crisis of the civilization" and ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’ is mentioning in its front cover: "it will end badly," while his editor Laurent Joffrin is predicted: "If the power elites are thinking that they might develop a Europe without the crowd, they are preparing increasingly bitter aftermath. "


Throughout Europe, people raise their voice. This is the beginning of the revival. A revival expected by Dominique Venner. He was the charismatic leader, which was inspiring young fighters that we were an indestructible faith in our mission and irrespective of reactionary caretaker who continue to spit on his memory because they do not forgive him for having been the living antithesis of what they are, i.e. pathetic.


The memory of our people, which have joined the Armed forces, helps us to continue on the long road we have chosen. That is why I salute Maurice Comte, faithful companion of Paul Pignard Berthet during wars. They walk in spirit in our ranks.


Pierre Vial


PS: I dedicate this issue of our periodical to the memory of my grandfather Pierre Vial, died during the period of 14-18.


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