Against the traitors, resistant identity

Numerous mayors, hoping to please the ideologues of a multiracial society (gently called "life together", to lure suckers), willing to find new voters from the French "with papers" (known as "Franco-Algerians", "Franco -Tunisia "," Franco-Moroccan "," Franco-Malian ", etc.), give away at a nominal price lands which are destined to the construction of mosques, mostly to Muslim associations created by the circumstances.

This is, among others, the case of Talence's city hall (in the south suburbs of Bordeaux, which is the fourth largest city of the Gironde’s department), Alain Cazabonne (Modem), which boasts of wanting to "bring up a common destiny "from" diversity ". In other words, bring gradually blandly, the Gauls to give up their identity, under the mocking eyes of people who are deeply attached to themselves and not ready to give anything up, at any price, smoky pretext of "principles Republicans "who are a good at laughing and who hasten to throw away the benefit of the Allah's Law as soon as they have enough strength to do so.

Only the naïve can experience some doubt, by thinking up, as the mayor of Talence, to buy social illusory peace in bending to the will of the invaders. However, let's be clear: in doing so, they are objectively traitors because they support the enemies of their people, our people. One day they will have to give an explication to the popular justice.

Luckily, brave men still exist in this country, who dare to assert themselves, without ambiguity, like resistant identity.

It is, for example, the case of the Mayor of Antibes, Jean Leonetti, warned by Muslim parents to remove pork products in school cafeteria. He refused and sent a note to all parents to explain his reason before informing all his citizens. He explains: “Like other peoples, the French are not willing to give up their identity, their culture."

Another mayor, one from Avoriaz (Haute-Savoie), present on the city market on February 10th, as every Thursday, was questioned by a half-dozen Muslim wanting to know if it was true that the city of Avoriaz refused to serve halal meat in its canteens. The mayor, who had already been attacked in June 2010 by "parents" (convenient label....), was eager to ban sausage of every meal served to children. In fact, he responded that this was true because people in Avoriaz had to accept French’s customs without the desire to change customs... To make it clear, he added that those who cannot or do not wish to comply with French’s customs, must draw the obvious conclusion: they should express their own traditions in their home countries.

Therefore, mayors are dare to take a courageous stand, knowing how to be in tune with their European citizens - and they know it benefits them in electoral terms (an argument in which politicians are mostly aware of). Nevertheless, some managers also dare lifting their heads and face ultimatums from invaders. Tat is, one of them, which has decided to take over a small company in decline, recruited qualified personnel among locals, who was very happy to see activity in their hometown. However, one day, three guys (whom one was wearing a "turban") arrived in a beautiful BMW, presenting themselves as "representatives of Muslim employees of Aquitaine" (sic). They had the desire to talk with the manager: Why did he not hire Muslims? He replied that his staffs were usually recruited, based on their skills and not on their religion, or how they “fit” in the country. "Visitors" said they would

return ... The boss replied that it was not really worth it. His secretary had suggested recording the conversation, which was relayed by loudspeaker to employees. They made a ‘guard of honour’ to the "visitors", with a look so unfriendly that the message was clear. Their boss told anyone who would listen that he was proud of them. Here is a company where the atmosphere is nice to work on...

All of these courageous events are showing that an awakening identity is currently happening. Our enemies are aware of that and are devastated: recently, a newspaper, ‘Le Monde’, had the bad idea to order a survey regarding the state of mind of the French people. Results show that about 70% of respondents believe that there are too many foreigners in France. This is what the official journal of the Anti-France is calling "high tension identity"...

Some disgruntled will tell me that a skylark does not make a spring.

Originally, skylark was a symbol of life for Gallic’s’ people. Popular wisdom knows that: yes, a lark heralds spring.

Pierre Vial

Translation by Rory

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