Monotheists (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) are always agreeing on the essentials when it is a question of human fate; they behave as the worthy son of Abraham. It is their right. Ours is to live in a different mental universe than their own.

Latest illustration. Through the voice of their senior figures (Philippe Barbarin, Cardinal Archbishop of Lyon, François Clavairoly, president of the Protestant Federation of France, Bishop Emmanuel, Metropolitan of France, Korsia Chaim, Rabbi of France, Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Union of mosques in France), the Monotheists stand as one man against the draft bill in regards to the end of life debated in the Assembly (it is a question of abbreviating the suffering of terminally ill patients with a drugging "deep and continue").

How to explain their position? In a very simple way. Monotheists maintain obeying to the only will of their eternal God, omnipotent and omniscient. As a Creator, he supremely decides on the fate of his creatures. Therefore, a man is not free of choosing its own destiny in terms of life, because, as the text of Genesis about the original sin is explaining in the Bible, it is consists of an arrogant human rebellion, claiming his freedom and thus the choice to live his life as he wants, while avoiding the dictates of the God of Abraham.

Therefore, any act asserting the freedom of man when life is at stake - birth control, abortion, suicide, euthanasia - is formally prohibited by monotheisms. For them, consideration of suffering cannot intervene against the will of a God who decides everything, from the beginning to the end of a human life. That is, him, and only him, has the power to intervene.

This is where paganism, which proclaims total freedom of man, is incompatible with the submission of creatures in respect of a creator, submission which is the foundation of monotheism.

Pierre Vial

(translated by Rory)

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