We say a long time: the twenty-first century is a time of racial wars. Forecast for the future? No, it's already happening in front of our eyes, and only the blind, voluntary or not, can deny it, for reasons ranging from ideological blindness to the mental comfort of middle-classes, frightened at the thought of what would be involved and who prefer doing the ostrich-like approach, along as choosing being a selfish individualism (after all, this does not happen in front of my door and then the deluge what the hell...).

However, the facts are here and the media, of which the faults and misdeeds are great, are still obliged to report. Thus, this is what happens for the riots that inflamed the United States. In Ferguson (suburb of St. Louis, Missouri), torched cars, looting and destruction of shops were the facts of those we modestly called the "African Americans". They are using violence on the pretext of a recent decision. In fact, these blacks are responding to the decision of a grand jury composed of twelve persons, who have decided, after examining all the evidence (sixty) gathered at the scene of the tragedy, as well as exhibits (recordings, interviews, hundreds photos), that the white police officer who killed a young African-American had acted in self-defence after being attacked at the wheel of the car with which he patrolled.

The city of Ferguson illustrates the racial gap, which has always existed in the United States between communities that everything divides - despite Epinal print conveyed from the Civil War and up to the election of Obama - by all this evidence obviously disturbs because it disrupts their preaching multiracial. Moreover, still aware of the politically correct, the newspaper ‘Le Monde’ (November 26) is feeling obligated to recognize what is obvious "the ethnic divide in Ferguson is now mainly populated by African-Americans." This division is the cause of violent protests which, in response to those of Ferguson, erupted in 170 US cities (including Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York).

One question: if a black police officer (or white) had killed a white man, do you think we would have seen any protest from the blacks? Of course not. Whites should draw the necessary conclusions.


Pierre Vial

Translation by Rory

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